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of space with us

We're HALO Space. We're developing a new kind of space tourism that takes you on a zero-emission, 6-hour journey to the edge of space. In our space balloon, you'll fly up to 40 kilometres above the ground and admire the curvature of the Earth and the vastness of space in a way that only astronauts and sci-fi movie actors have done before. No special training or space suits required.

A glimpse into your
flight with HALO


The journey begins

On your flight day, you will get an early start and join the crew and other passengers you’ll be traveling with before setting off. You'll take off before dawn.

The journey begins

Rise and shine

After taking off and reaching an altitude of 30 thousand feet, you will be able to move around the cabin. Take in the view and enjoy a sunrise like you've never seen before as you ascend for the next 2 hours.

Go up and see the world below

The world at your feet

As the aircraft reaches apogee, up to 40 kilometers in the stratosphere, you'll be able to observe the curvature of the Earth and the darkness of space, a powerful sight known as the Overview Effect. At this altitude, above the atmosphere, constellations and planets can be seen in infrared. This is a rare and breathtaking spectacle that very few humans have been able to experience firsthand.

Have the world at your feet

Down to Earth

On your way down, the daylight will offer you the opportunity to observe Earth's surface from a privileged vantage point. Enjoy the final moments of this journey as HALO's aircraft floats back down. Gas is released from the balloon in a controlled manner to ensure a gentle descent. At 8.000 meters a steerable parachute will deploy and your pilot will land the capsule at its planned destination.

One last look

A new perspective

Our ground crew will be ready to meet you at the landing point. Touch down to the ground, disembark and celebrate this life-changing experience with your travel companions. You will leave with a new perspective of the world around you and the space above.

Down to Earth

A zero-emission trip
to the stratosphere

Our space balloons use helium gas to fly, instead of a combustion engine. It’s a simple and safe way to travel without leaving behind a carbon footprint.

The technology that powers every HALO flight

A balloon filled with helium gas will carry the spacecraft upward, inflating as the gas expands due to reduced atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes. After reaching a maximum altitude of 40 kilometers, the helium gas will be slowly released from the balloon to allow for a controlled, smooth descent.

A pressurized capsule accommodating up to 8 passengers and a pilot will provide 360° views during your journey.

A flight navigation system will update the planned flight trajectory with real-time data.

A steerable parachute will allow the pilot to navigate the capsule and land it safely.

Redundant communications systems will be used to communicate between the spacecraft and the base.

A space balloon will carry you through the atmosphere during your journey by inflating as the air expands due to reduced atmospheric pressure and then releasing helium gas to bring you back down.

The crew making this vision a reality

Carlos Mira
Founded HALO Space in September 2021 with the intention of giving customers a life changing experience. He has co-founded a number of tech start-ups and participated in the development of technology companies in Europe and the U.S. His extensive experience in IT, telecoms and technology brings over 30 years of knowledge and understanding to the company, along with a vision to innovate.
Alberto Castrillo
Brings a wealth of experience to HALO Space with over 40 years of experience at Airbus Defence & Space. Alberto joined HALO Space in June 2022, to utilize his technical expertise and transform the HALO Space concept into reality. His unrivaled experience in setting up complex assembly lines alongside aerospace designers makes Alberto uniquely placed to deliver on HALO Space’s ambitions.

Our journey companions

Capsule manufacturing
Engineering and system integrator
Mission Planning and Ground Control








Next milestones

HALO Space has already taken off. We had our first test flights on December 7th 2022 at the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) Ballon Facility in Hyderabad, India.Our next test flight will happen in Spain in the first semester of 2023. We will continue with development and testing until the final capsule is ready, which is expected to happen by mid-2024.

Our commercial flight operations are expected to begin in 2025, and we plan to operate across four continents. We invite you to register and stay up to date on our journey at HALO Space.

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