It’s time to
re-think space tourism


Break free of the earth’s surface

At HALO Space we were born gazing up at the sky with a burning dream — to make exploring space’s edge a reality that is safe and accessible for many instead of only a few humans. Founded in 2021, we set out to defy all limits and create a next-level experience for travelers looking to gain a deeper understanding of outer space. Our plan is to start offering commercial flights in 2025.

Sustainably making the dream a reality

Powered by deep expertise, the industry’s most brilliant minds, and advanced and proven aerospace technologies, we aim to open up near-space travel to thousands of passengers within this decade. Better yet, our helium-powered balloons are zero-emissions, meaning our trips don’t leave an environmental footprint.

The countdown is on

Our test flight program has already begun, and our project is leading the race to make near-space travel possible for anyone. We leave the space suits to the astronauts, and invite the most intrepid explorers to discover a very unique experience and unlock a more meaningful life on earth.

The crew making this vision a reality

Carlos Mira
Founder and CEO
Carlos founded HALO Space in September 2021 with a mission: to pioneer a safe form of travel to the stratosphere, opening the life-altering experience of near-space travel to real people — not just astronauts. With 30 years developing new products, new businesses and new companies in Europe, the US and Asia in energy, IT, telecoms, defense and aerospace, he brings a unique and innovative vision to HALO, especially in terms of environmental sustainability and safety.
Alberto Castrillo
COO, HALO Space Vehicle
Since joining the project in 2022, Alberto has utilized his wealth of experience to help transform the HALO Space concept into reality. During more than 40 years with Airbus Defence & Space, Alberto has gained unrivaled industry expertise in setting up complex assembly lines alongside aerospace designers. This makes Alberto uniquely placed to deliver on HALO’s ambitions, particularly in ensuring the utmost safety of HALO flights.
Ana Esteve
Business Operations Manager
Ana is a highly skilled industrial engineer in the industrial sphere in both technical and managerial roles. She is an expert in waste management, renewable energy, biogas, and solar energy. Within HALO Space she creates and implements a company-wide, global vision, developing safe, efficient and effective operations strategies which lay the foundations of all the company’s activity.
Bárbara Calixto
Fractional CMO
10+ years in executive roles in both large corporations and fast-growing start-ups. (CMO at Wallbox, Global VP of Marketing at Cabify, Global Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft)
María Font Trabocchi
Sr. Advisor Customer Experience and Global Partnerships
20+ years in Corporate Luxury Hospitality, diplomatic relations and concept development/execution from the ground up. (Worldview Space, Aston Martin, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Department of State US).
Inés Díaz-Rato
Jr. Advisor Marketing & Customer Experience
With over 10 years of diverse industry experience and a proven track record of co-founding and building companies from the ground up, she excels in creating and launching new and innovative products.
Rafael Acedo
General Design Senior Advisor
With 40+ years of experience, Rafael has accumulated an exceptional knowledge of the aerospace industry. He has been at the helm of creating multiple well-known products for CASA and Airbus Military, being involved in the whole process from design to global distribution. He has also been Chief Engineer for FITS and Spain General Systems Manager for Eurofighter, among others. Since jumping aboard the HALO Space project from day one, Rafael’s unparalleled skills and perspectives have been invaluable to the innovation behind HALO.
Angel Barrio
Structural Design Senior Advisor
Ángel has an extensive professional background in the aerospace field, having spent 35 years in executive roles for major industry players. He has worked at Airbus as both Chief Engineer for Aerostructures and Vice President Head of Structures & Design, as well as Head of Development for Airbus Military and Head of DOA at ALESTIS. Within HALO, Ángel offers essential technical consulting on the development and certification of the structures and interiors of the HALO flight capsule.
Alejandro Jiménez
Stress Senior Analysis Advisor
Alejandro is an expert in developing complex products in the engineering field, where he has 40 years of experience. His unique vision allows him to navigate elaborate projects from start to finish, from a product's initial definition and preliminary design, through to development, certification, airworthiness, and even service support. Since he began consulting for the project in 2021, Alejandro’s outstanding skill has been vital in shaping HALO’s designs, providing technical support for the balloon, drogue, parachute, and landing gear systems, and selecting partners and suppliers.
Francisco Cano
ECLSS Design Senior Advisor
Francisco is an Aeronautical Engineer with more than 35 years working in the aerospace sector. He has specialized experience both in Engineering and Program Management, having worked in these areas with leading industry players, in particular Airbus. Since joining HALO Space in 2020, he has brought invaluable knowledge and skills to System Engineering aspects of the project, among others.
Kevin Roach
Senior Stratospheric Balloons Advisor
Kevin Roach was one of the earliest members of Google Loon where he worked for a decade on the entire development lifecycle from balloon design and manufacturing to launch and flight operations. As a former member of the US Army's elite 2/75 Ranger Regiment, he brings a unique mission focused perspective to his work. Currently, Kevin serves as co-founder and CTO of a small startup based in California, where he focuses on developing wildfire detection technology to help protect communities. Kevin works as a consultant for HALO Space, bringing his deep industry-specific knowledge and expertise to the team.

Our journey companions

Aciturri is a major manufacturer of aircrafts and aeroengines for leading aerospace, transport, and industrial companies such as Airbus, Boeing, and Rolls Royce. Covering the entire process from design to customer support, they are extremely well-versed in aircraft technologies. Their heavy focus on research and development (R&D) allows them to apply their knowledge to projects like HALO.

Aciturri’s unparalleled skills in aircraft manufacture have been key to engineering and manufacturing the HALO Space vehicle and integrating the flight and ground systems.
CT is an industry leader that provides innovative engineering services, defines system architecture and subsystems, designs the HALO capsule, and provides technical direction and coordination of manufacturing, assembly and testing. They apply well-proven aerospace program management, design and construction procedures and the highest safety and quality standards, the highest safety and quality standards.

CT’s  in-depth expertise has been invaluable to designing, manufacturing, and testing the HALO Space capsule. Using existing, tried-and-tested technologies, through this partnership, we have been able to pioneer a new category of aerospace vehicle to transport humans to the stratosphere and back safely. 
With 40 years of experience, GMV is the number one independent provider of satellite control centers in the space sector. They serve over 900 satellites to space agencies, satellite operators, and clients and have 1,400 employees worldwide. Having designed systems for various space missions and participated in multiple European Space Agency (ESA) programs, GMV is extremely well-placed to build out HALO Space’s Mission Planning and Ground Control systems.

Adapting their existing satellite processing systems, they can develop advanced flight plans, run real-time flight operations, and lead post-flight analysis. GMV’s skill and knowledge has been instrumental in anticipating the HALO balloon’s flight trajectory in different altitudes and conditions.